Silver Clouds Trust

What is the Silver Clouds Trust?


The Silver Clouds Trust (“the Trust”) is the independent trust fund for funeral plan providers: Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Limited (“the Company”).


The Trust has been arranged in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001.


This means that all funds received into the Trust are safeguarded for future funeral plan provision in accordance with each funeral plan contract.


The Trust is independent of the Company and the assets of the Trust are legally separate. 


The Trust is managed by an experienced and majority independent board of trustees who are the directors of Forest Edge Trustees and Secretaries Limited (“the Trust Corporation”).  The Trust Corporation is authorised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to provide professional trustee and corporate support services. 


The Company has appointed the Trust Corporation as professional trustees in order that its obligations to fulfil the terms of each funeral plan contract are satisfied with the utmost professionalism and integrity.  The Company is committed to ensuring that each funeral is conducted in accordance with each funeral plan to the complete satisfaction of the plan holder’s family and friends.   By providing details of the Trust Corporation and how it operates on this website the Company hopes that plan holders and prospective plan holders will be well informed and confident in selecting the Company as a funeral plan provider.    


What is a funeral plan?


A funeral plan is a pre-payment towards the cost of a funeral.  Funeral plans are usually either trust based or life insurance based. 


Payments for funeral plans can either be made as a lump sum or by instalments. 


The main advantages of having a funeral plan in place are usually to avoid increases in funeral fees by locking in funeral fee prices at current rates and to save family and friends from having to deal with the ordeal of arranging a funeral whilst also grieving.   


The Company’s plans are trust based which means that the Company have appointed the Trust Corporation as professional trustees to receive the sums paid for each funeral plan and to safeguard those funds in accordance with the written Trust Deed until the need arises to pay for the funeral.  All of the Company’s funeral plans are subject to specific terms and conditions which should be read and understood in all cases.       


How does the Trust operate?


The trustees aim to provide specialised and efficient trustee services, administration, payment and custodian services to all relevant parties including the nominated funeral director who the trustees will work with to ensure that each funeral is completed according to each funeral plan.     


The Company realises that for each funeral plan to be successfully administered there must be a partnership approach by all relevant stakeholders.  The relationship between the Company and the Trustees is primarily governed by the terms of the written Trust Deed.  The trustees will receive and administer payments under each funeral plan contract in compliance with the written Trust Deed.  The trustees will safeguard the trust assets and pay the nominated funeral director upon the plan holder’s death to ensure that the funeral is completed in accordance with the plan holder’s wishes. 


Are the Trust funds safe?


A majority of the trustees are financially qualified.  The trustees seek to ensure that all funds received by the Trust are banked into a designated trust account and invested under professional guidance in established investments to ensure that sufficient funds are available for each funeral in the future.  The trustees have a set investment strategy which involves the investment of funds primarily in historically reliable and non-volatile assets classes such as fixed interest securities. 


The trustees are required to appoint a regulated investment manager to manage the assets of the Trust, auditors to audit the assets and liabilities of the trust annually and actuaries to report on the value of the Trust at least once every three years.  This process is designed to ensure that the Trust has sufficient funds to pay funeral plan contracts as and when they become due.


The funeral plan certificates are sent to the plan holder, any nominated funeral director and a safe storage custodian to ensure that no funeral plan certificates can be lost, tampered with or destroyed.     


Details of our board of trustees and the professional advisers appointed to date are available by request. 


What are the procedures upon death?


The plan holder’s executors will contact the nominated funeral director whose details will usually be set out in the funeral plan certificate. 


The nominated funeral director will contact the Company and/or the Trust Corporation to ensure that sufficient funds are released to provide for the funeral including any special wishes.      


How can I contact the Silver Clouds Trust?


For further information regarding the Trust, please contact us by using the following details:

Silver Clouds Trust

16-20 South Street

SO45 6EB


This website should not be regarded as an offer or solicitation to conduct investment business as defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.  Past performance of investments in the trust fund is not necessarily indicative of future performance. The value of investments in the trust fund may fall as well as rise and the income from investments may fluctuate and is not guaranteed. Although, the Trust is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority any investment manager appointed by the Trust Corporation will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  If in doubt, please seek advice from a qualified investment professional.